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Time to do this again.

National League Championship Series
Prediction: New York Mets over St. Louis Cardinals in 7.
What actually happened: I was correct in predicting 7 games. I didn't pick the Mets just because they are my team. I picked them because of how well they did in the regular season and in the first round against the Dodgers. I didn't expect them to slip. Steve Trachsel can't make up his mind whether he wants to suck or be an ace pitcher. After his performance, however, I don't see him sticking around. But anyway, in game 7, if there is any consolation for the Mets, it was Endy Chavez preventing a bigger humiliation, which lead to us making the Cards earn their victory. Both teams were full of desperation whenever they were trailing, but in the end, the Cardinals are the NLCS Champions.
Actual outcome: Cardinals over Mets, 4-3.

American League Championship Series
Prediction: Detroit Tigers over Oakland A's in 7.
What actually happened: Well, Oakland wasn't as strong as I thought they would be. If you look up at my NLCS analysis, you'll see how I talk about how weak both the Mets and Cards were. But damn, had the A's been in the NL and faced either one of them, they would've gotten crushed, the way they were playing. Wait, they got crushed anyway! In the beginning, I didn't expect Detroit to go anywhere in their series with the Yankees. But, they proved me wrong there, then went on to pull off a sweep.
Actual outcome: Tigers over A's in a 4 game sweep.

Now, time to make my prediction for the World Series.
World Series
Detroit Tigers over St. Louis Cardinals in 5 or 6.
Yes, I was disappointed over the Mets loss. But I must be honest here. While Detroit will have an easy time with the Cards, it won't be as easy as you may think. I can see the Cards pulling out a win or two here. The Cards have Albert Pujols, someone Detroit has NEVER had to deal with (as far as I know, anyway), who I think will be enough to get them some wins here. Plus, the Tigers don't have Endy Chavez to help block home run attempts by Scott Rolen. But as for the entire series, it won't be enough. The World Series begins tonight, and we will find out within a few days who the team of 2006 is.

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