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A wolf in sheep's clothing

I began friending users from the LiveJournal wrestling communities in 2005. I've had the honor of knowing Bethie, Coma, Vickie, Yolanda, Carrie, Sara, and others from deciding to do that (much love to all of yas <3). But there is one who turned her back on all of us just because our lives don't revolve around being at our computers 24/7. I'm talking about you, the_archangel. I'm going to put my message to you under a cut, so as to spare those not involved from having to see what's going on. Vickie, Bethie, and anyone else who knew Dev, please feel free to read. Comments will be turned off, we can talk about this on Yahoo or something. I know I shouldn't be getting involved, but there were some things that Vickie didn't say that should be said.

Dev, what the fuck is your problem? Vickie has done nothing wrong to you. She goes through enough shit in real life, she doesn't need you to be harassing her over stupid icons and her not being able to be here 24/7. Vickie was a true friend to you, someone who cared about you. She would've bent over backwards for you. Anytime you needed a shoulder to cry on, Vickie was there. Here's someone with a beautiful heart, and you took it for granted. You need sit down and really think of the bullshit you're doing, because if you keep your shit up, you'll have friends on your LJ list, yes, but your "Friend of" list will be empty, because everyone will get sick and tired of you in due time. OK, so I admit, I'm not perfect, and I've had my differences with people, but I would NEVER accuse someone of stealing a damn icon. But what I'm saying probably won't sink in, knowing you, you'll be a miserable fucking bitch for the rest of your life. I'm done.

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