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I know, weird. All you PYLP members, go here:

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Special announcement

This post will be made public, and with good reason. I have an announcement to make, and those of you who go to Palace will want to pay attention to this.

As of October 1, I will be taking over as the main owner of EPlanet. sparent is stepping down as owner, as you may have read in his journal. I will be taking over payments effective with the October payment. I cannot promise anything, except that I will do my best. My vision is simple, just come in and have fun. I will be asking that all Palace members present come to EP after I take over, on the first opportunity. I'm gonna be doing a meeting that is kind of like the meeting Don held after he took over PYLP. If there's a game scheduled at PYLP, by all means, don't cancel the game to come to the meeting. I will hold the meeting when there is nothing going on, on the first opportunity. Thank you for your time.

John Fenner
Owner-to-be, EPlanet

Just a reminder...

For those not on my friends list, my entries, other than this one, can only be accessed by friends. And for anyone wondering why yesterday was the first time in over a week that I updated this, I had trouble getting on the web. But I am now back.

Another friends only journal now

This journal will now be friends only. It's the only way I'll keep jackasses like the one who replied to my entry from yesterday from putting verbal diarhea in my journal. So reply here if you want to be added. Just don't pull any funny shit once you're friended.

"The Dungeon of Cash" hehehe

Somebody warn the game show fans that are not on the Internet. Never before have I thought of a good game show proposal, but now I have. I haven't come across any game show proposals here on Live Journal, if there are any, I'd like to see them. Perhaps we can propose a block of them, along with this one. I've seen so many of them on the ATGSsholes newsgroup before I started calling it that. Anyway, here's how it works.

Name: The Dungeon of Cash

The front game starts out with four contestants. The host asks questions from any category he chooses. Sounds like your traditional game show, doesn't it? Well, this front game does borrow from the long ago cancelled GSN original Inquizition. There are three elimination rounds. The player with the least amount of correct answers midway through the round is warned by the host "If you don't sharpen your skills soon, your ass is going through the ceiling." The round continues until the final bell sounds. The player with the least correct answers gets ejected and goes out through the ceiling (MTV's Remote Control had contestants going through a wall, and GSN's Russian Roulette has contestants dropping into a hole. The ceiling was never tried, AFAIK). In the case of a tie for last, a buzz in question is asked. Get the question right, your opponent goes through the ceiling. Get it wrong, you go through the ceiling. The scores get cleared, and the above continues until only one player remains. That player goes on to the Dungeon of Cash.

In the bonus round, the player goes through a Fun House/Finder's Keeper's esque area, and gets two minutes to get to the room where a big ass pile of cash awaits. But, there are dangers lurking ahead, from trapdoors, to giant bouncing balls, to humans dressed as dungeon masters (scantily clad women are chained to the wall and locked in cells throughout). If you get to the cash, one minute is added to the clock, and you collect as much as possible within that minute. There is a catch, however. The contestant must scoop up the money with a mini shovel and get it into the bag. Whatever cash the contestant has is theirs to keep. If you think this may need tweaking, feel free to let me know.